10 tips for responsible use

Here are ten tips to enjoy optimally and responsibly. The tips are compiled by cnnbs.nl.

1. Use in moderation

Enjoy cannabis, but wait until the weekend or a beautiful evening.

2. Be social

Smoke together and use the imagination that cannabis gives you to wander away in profound conversations.

3. Evaporation or smoke pure

Photo: Thought Catalog, Unsplash

The heavy, languid feeling is usually caused by tobacco. Those who smoke purely are much healthier (tobacco is by far the most addictive drug ever).

4. Become a connoisseur

Collect different species, taste the difference.

5. Part

Photo: Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis, Unsplash

Sharing encourages you to be social and pay attention, you also get something in return!

6. Smoke also hashish or CBD weed

CBD is one of the active substances that should naturally be found in weed. Ask in the coffee shop for a type of weed with a high CBD content.

7. Don't drink

Do not combine smoking with alcohol. The two means do not always have a good effect on each other.

8. Eat!

Fresh juices and sweet snacks always do well. You immediately feel a lot fresher with a well-filled stomach.

9. Go play sports stoned

So you combine the useful with the pleasant and before you know it you have a few hours of sports on it.

10. Enjoy and be proud!

Last but not least, enjoy! Be proud that you're consciously engaged.